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Jesús Vico is a company with more than 40 years of experience, specialized in numismatic auctions.

Jesús Vico Monteoliva began his professional career in the Plaza Mayor in Madrid in 1971. Five years later, he held his first numismatic auction and fifteen years later he teamed up with Julio Chica Escudero, establishing the company Jesús Vico S.A. Since then, the company has kept growing and become an international benchmark.

Nowadays, a numismatic auction may be held both online and in person. Since its foundation, Jesús Vico has carried out more than 150 auctions, as well as attended the main international fairs. In addition, we have established important partnerships with entities and companies related to the sector (FNMT-RCM 'National Coinage and Stamp Factory - Royal Mint', the Autonomous University of Madrid, the Complutense University of Madrid, the King Juan Carlos University etc.) in order to offer the best service to collectors who wish to sell their coins.

When it comes to organising a Spanish coin auction or offering different services related to coins and philately, such as the valuation of items or specialized assessment, the main principles that we follow at Jesús Vico are transparency, legality, authenticity and the fulfilment of a strict code of ethics.

If you are currently looking for where to sell ancient coins, numismatic auctions are frequently held online worldwide. Globalization and the Internet have contributed to the consolidation of both the numismatic and the philatelic sectors. Many young people are interested in buying coins and collecting has become much more widespread.

Numismatic Auction of Spanish and Foreign Coins

We work on the premise that selling ancient coins is a way of sharing history.

In fact, even though numismatic collections are usually subject to a constant revaluation, coins are mainly purchased for collecting and not as an investment. They are a document, an endless source of information about the art, economy and culture of the period in which they were minted.

The earliest coins date back to Lydia (in present-day Turkey) around the end of the 7th century BC. Since then, all cultures and rulers have minted their own money, hence their artistic and historical value.

Numismatic auctions are the most transparent way of finding out the current market situation for ancient coins. The major means of distribution of ancient coins are fairs, conventions and auctions of Spanish and foreign coins.

The greatest threats to the sector are forgeries and professional intrusion. That is why, whether you are a newcomer or an experienced collector, it is essential to count on specialists in the field such as those at Jesús Vico. If you take part in any numismatic auction held by Jesús Vico to sell or buy ancient Spanish or foreign coins, either in person at our auction room or online by bidding on our webpage, you can rest assured that all of the pieces have been examined and verified by the best professionals. It is also possible to purchase some items in our online shop.

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