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More and more people are interested in buying coins. Globalisation and the Internet have boosted the appeal and popularity of the numismatic sector. Besides their economic importance, coins are also of collector interest, which has increased particularly among the younger public.

When buying coins t is important to do so in a secure environment, relying on the advice of professionals in the field, such as Jesús Vico. Our company has been active for more than 40 years in the numismatic sector, namely the study and collecting of old coins and banknotes. Jesús Vico Monteoliva began his professional career in 1971 in the Plaza Mayor in Madrid. On 10 March 1976, he held his first snumismatic auction, and in 1986, he partnered with Julio Chico Escudero to establish the company Jesús Vico S.A.

Today, we, as his heirs, are responsible for a company that keeps growing and is considered an international benchmark in the numismatic field. In fact, we have conducted more than 150 auctions, both in person and online. We also collaborate with entities and companies related to the sector (FNMT-RCM 'National Coin and Stamp Factory - Spanish Royal Mint', the Autonomous University of Madrid, the Complutense University, Rey Juan Carlos University, etc.) to provide the best service to our clients.

At Jesús Vico you can buy ancient coins with total security.

There are two ways to buy coins eat Jesús Vico. You can participate in our numismatic auctions, either in person or through our website. You can also purchase coins we offer at a fixed price in the online store. In either case, the basic principles governing Jesús Vico's work are compliance with a rigorous code of ethics, transparency, legality, and authenticity. Other services we offer are the valuation of items and specialized and personalized advice to collectors.

The main threats in this sector are counterfeiting and unqualified practice. This is why it is advisable, especially for collectors who do not have much experience in buying and selling ancient coins, to turn to professionals of recognised prestige within the sector.

Buying coins is a way to enjoy history. The first coins were minted in Lydia, Asia Minor, in present-day Turkey, around the 7th century BC. Since then, all cultures and eras have been producing their own money. In this sense, beyond their economic value, which is determined by the metal, rarity and state of conservation, coins are considered to be historical documents. A coin can provide information about the art, economy and politics of the period in which it was minted.

The most important means of distribution for the safe purchase of ancient coins are auctions, fairs, and conventions. In a world that is increasingly globalised and dependent on the Internet, it is important to access secure markets with professionals such as Jesús Vico. 


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