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The beginnings of the company date back to 1971, when Jesús Vico Monteoliva started his professional activity in the Plaza Mayor in Madrid. Afterwards, on March 10 1976, he held his first auction.


Ten years later, in 1986, he partnered with Julio Chico Escudero and set up the company Jesús Vico S.A. Throughout the following decades, the company grew rapidly and gained a strong foothold both in Spain and abroad.

In the meanwhile, they established the Vico & Segarra publishing house together with Fernando P. Segarra, which has more than a dozen numismatic publications.

They also created the "Premios literarios inéditos" (the Unpublished Literary Awards).


In 1992, Jesús Vico Monteoliva was appointed president of the ‘Federation of European Numismatic Trade Associations’ FENAP.

In that same year, Jesús Vico S.A. joined the prestigious ‘International Association of Professional Numismatists’ IAPN.

During this time Jesús Vico Monteoliva holds the presidency of the ‘Spanish Association of Professional Numismatists’ AENP throughout the 14 years.


During the following fourteen years, Jesús Vico served as president of this association. In 2004, he became a member of the Royal Academy of History (RAH).


In 2007, he published Corpus Nummorum Visigothorum together with Mrs Mª Cruz Cores Gromendio and Mr Gonzalo Cores Uría, which received the IAPN’s Best Book of the Year Award.


In 2012, Jesús Vico S.A. took part in the consortium of companies that acquired the Archer M. Huntington collection (Hispanic Society of America) in Sotheby’s, New York, and afterwards held three important auctions in the Wellington Hotel of Madrid.

After more than forty years of auctioning and more than 150 room auctions, Jesús Vico’s company has become an international benchmark.

The new generation, Jesús Vico Belmonte, currently holds the presidency of AENP (2017) and vice-presidency of IAPN (2015).

Moreover, Jesús Vico has adapted himself to the new demands of the market by doing both online and in-person auctions and taking part in the main international numismatic fairs (New York, London, Munich…).

In addition, the company has partnered with numerous entities and businesses related to the sector in order to offer the best service to collectors, such as FNMT-RCM (‘National Coinage and Stamp Factory-Royal Mint’), the Autonomous University of Madrid, the Complutense University of Madrid, the King Juan Carlos University, SGS Tecnos and Olivares Law Firm. As a result of this expansion strategy, Segarra Numismatics, also a member of IAPN, has joined Jesús Vico S.A., which has led to more financial soundness and stability, if possible. Transparency, legality, authenticity and the fulfilment of a rigorous code of ethics are the basic principles on which Jesús Vico S.A. is based.

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